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Salary and Benefits

The current salary schedule is being reviewed by the Board of Directors with the goal of increasing teacher salaries. 

Initial salary placement is a 10 month contract for two years based on experience (up to 6 years) and education level.  

Teachers can earn additional income through coaching, SBG, leading WASC committees, and teaching summer school.

Contract renewals are for  one year at a time and salary increases 2%.  There is an additional bonus for each renewal after the initial two year contract.



  • Paid flight to the RMI and return flight to the place of hire at the end of the contract. 

  • ​Housing is provided (minimum $7,500 cost savings)

  • $120 utilities (pre-tax)

  • Free lunch during school days

  • 40% off school tuition

Salary Schedule 2020-2021_edited.jpg
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