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Admissions & Enrollment

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Enrollment Process

All student applicants PreK-4 to grade 12 must complete an entrance assessment. This is to ensure that our school is the right fit for your child. The assessment varies depending on the grade level.  All students will be assessed in math, reading, writing, spelling and communication.

All students must have a report card (grades 1- 8) from the previous school, a passport copy and an immunization record.


Tuition at Co-op School includes school supplies and lunch. (Breakfast can be purchased for $1.00.)

Tuition costs:

  • PreK-2/3 is $150 monthly (1/2 day program)

  • PreK-4 to grade 12 is $220 monthly

  • School uniform: 

          $10 PreK-grade 8, $15 grades 9-12


There is a yearly registration fee of $155 for PreK-2 to grade 8 and $205 for grades 9-12.

Academic Requirements for
High School

High school students applying for Co-op School must have a transcript (in English) which states credit hours and grades. The number of credit hours will determine the grade level. Students must obtain a total of 30 credits and 100 hours of community service in high school to receive a high school diploma.

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