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Living in Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands

Want to make an impact while traveling the world?  Join us in the Marshall Islands; one of the most remote countries in the world.  It takes 30 seconds to walk to work.  You can start your day with sunrise over the ocean and possibly see dolphins. 

Then during your day you can work with some of the best students around. 

  • Housing is 1 - 2 bedroom furnished apartments with kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

  • Tap water is not safe to drink, but the school now has a desalinization unit that makes safe drinking water for teachers.

  • Taxis are group share and now $1.50 a ride within Majuro proper. The price increases past the bridge.

  • Almost all groceries are shipped in through freighter or air freight. This increases the cost as well as creates times with fewer options. 

  • There are weekly Zumba and Yoga classes offered in the community.

  • .There are more restaurants and coffee shops than in the past, but many teachers prefer private gatherings. 

  • It's easy to take a boat trip to a small island on the weekend for a beach day.

Basic Info:

highest land on island.PNG
Sunset from lagoon.PNG

Want First Hand Accounts?

We have links to articles and videos that keep a balanced perspective on living in the RMI.

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