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at Majuro Cooperative School

We offer a variety of activities after school hours which benefit our students and their families. Community Service, ASAs and After School Care are some of the activities we provide for our Co-op Students. We also have sporting opportunities. Please visit our Athletics page to find out more about these teams.

Community Service

High school students are required to complete 100 community service hours (25 hours per year) as part of the requirement for graduation. All of our students are encouraged to give back to the community and many do this through a variety of ways; clean-ups, coaching, and support/working at local activities.

After School Activities

After School Activities are offered to all students kindergarten through grade 12. Different activities are offered each semester by teachers so the activities vary. Some activities previously offered include stop motion, gymnastics, volleyball, math club, science club, book clubs, dance, comics, photography, cheerleading and many more.

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After School Care

After School Care is a program to offer support to those families who cannot collect their child/ren before 4:00 pm. Elementary students are supervised by a teacher until 6:00 pm. This program is an additional cost. Please email us to find out more information about this program.

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